<VV> bushing upgrade advice wanted

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Mon Feb 18 00:09:15 EST 2013

Can anyone give me some advice on what bushings and such to replace first
(I will have to do the car in stages for financial reasons mostly)?  I'm
hoping for upgraded bushings (Nylon?) where applicable, but no metal
bushings.  I plan to stay in IS-3 class for now at least.  I don't mind a
harsher ride but this car will still be driven plenty on the street.  I
like to someday get my suspension working similar to what I experienced in
Kevin Wilson's car at Sturbridge.


Ray R.


  Polyurethane 80  Durometer is the accepted "dual purpose"  on the real lower strut....
Available from Corvair Underground..

 70 duro on the front...

Myself.. I just replaced the whole assemblies with these...    I don't care what class I'm in.. just if I'm fast!! gg


Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon



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