<VV> custom distributor curve?

Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
Wed Feb 20 19:55:56 EST 2013

What's the compression ratio?  0.060 over and no step heads, it must be
pretty high unless the heads were opened up a little.


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Hi guys,  It has been pointed out to me that for my customized engine I
probably could greatly benefit from recurving the distributor.  I have no
idea how to accomplish this and as usual I'm trying to do this on the cheap
(I'm now making large investments in Carbs and water injection, looking for
other cheap things to supplement those upgrades this spring).  I'm making a
list of various upgrades and modifications and trying to do as many of the
inexpensive ones as possible this spring.

I'm aware of the kits of three sets of springs and that there are different
weights out there but that is about it.  How do I know what kind of curve I
want, and how do I figure out how to create that curve once I know?

The Distributor:
AFAIK stock 140 distributor

The Engine:
140 engine
LeVair 1/8" over bore stock carbs with other mods (relocate jet etc.) Bored
.060 over
280 Isky Cam
Increased compression heads (no step)
Clarks Ultimate headers exhaust
66 4 speed trans

Plenty of street use but trying to make a good autocross car out of it (also
road corse, hoping to do the Olympics this summer).

Thanks for any advice!

Ray R.

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