<VV> Weber set up for sale - adv

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 22 06:21:01 EST 2013

HI. A customer has decided to go a different route with carburetors and has asked me to help him move his Weber set up. You might remember a previous note about selling a Weber 48 IDF parts carb that turned out not be re-buildable (it is sold). So what we have for sale is a freshly rebuilt 48 IDF, a pair of air filters, 4 aluminum air horns, and a pair of Corvair cylinder head carb mounting adapters. I will also include the extra unopened rebuild kit that was purchased for the bad carb. This is a sweet deal for $250, plus postage ($200 w/o the adapters). The carbs were running on the Corvair engine before it was put in storage for a while, but, for whatever reason, one deteriorated and one did not. (My suspicion is that one of them somehow got water in it, based on the amount of internal corrosion). First come on this one (its a steal). Thanks for the space and consideration. Write me for any more details you want.
The Carbmeister

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