<VV> torque and response

jay m jaysplace at laserpubs.com
Sat Feb 23 18:31:36 EST 2013

So far, I've cheated.
With 3.8 liters and factory port FI, I've just left it stock.
Sometimes I think of the crappy restrictive stock air cleaner, and the 
crappy restrictive exhaust manifold, and then decide not to worry about it.
This motor is rated at 150 HP, but - it has immediate torque.
And I haven't even thought of spark timing or fuel system rehab.
Since the motor has 190,000 miles, the injectors are probably less than 
It is good enough for now.

Of course, that Subie swap that's being discussed (in Fastvairs?) would 
give equal or better results.
Obviously, this is nowhere near a V8 package - but there's room for a 
small back seat in this config.

The 3800 supercharged unit I have for it only has about 100k miles. I 
may look into the pan, or maybe not.
I'm sure this next conversion will bring new fun problems.
I better get back to work!



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