<VV> I'm looking for Indianapolis, IN members who can help me July 10 -13 - so I can make my first convention.

Tony . ultravanman248 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 1 18:33:41 EDT 2013

To whom it may concern,

I'm in need of some help to be able to get UV520 ready in such a short time!!!!

If you are willing to help; Please email me with you name, contact information and what day(s) you can help.

I hope to be in Terre Haute, IN July 10th and finished July 13th so I can go to the Corvair get-together in Indianapolis, IN on Sunday July 14th and then drive up to Kalamazoo, MI on Monday July 15th with everyone in the caravan to enjoy my first convnetion.

I could use some help and these are the things I need to get done on UV520 so it is ready to tow to the convention on time:
1) Remove old rims from coach. Take them to a tire shop and have the old tires taken off and the new tires I bring with me installed on the appropriate rims for this coach.

2) Remove the rear axles, or half-shafts, take off the outer CV joints from each axle and then install just the outer CV joints to retain the bearings in place so I can tow this coach – without ruining the transmission or the rear bearings.

3) Wire up my tow lights and install them so they will not fall off or ruin the coach.

4) To save lots of time I hope to remove the old spindles with everything still attached and install the ones that were on UV256. The ones off of UV256 already have all new brakes, wheel cylinders, grease seals and repacked bearings - ready to go.

5) Only if I’m not able to use the spindles off of UV256 #4 – I will have R&R the brakes, wheel cylinders and grease seals after repacking the front bearings.

6) Mount the two bar brackets, risers and tow bar.

7) Attach the brake system of the surge brake coupler on the tow bar to the front brakes of UV520 and bleed the system.

8) Make sure I get all the parts and accessories stored back in the coach before I can leave. The PO removed them from the coach and stored in his garage before he passed away.

Thank you, Tony

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