<VV> Looking for 64 Spyder radio trim. On a roll

Bob Dunahugh yenko108 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 2 02:23:05 EDT 2013

I believe that 62 to 64 are the same. If someone has one for sale. Contact me by privet E-mail. Or my cell phone. 319-521-4891. I don't rec VV. We bought our 64 Spyder convt  in 67. It has had a 64 Monza trim on it all these years. I don't believe the Monza trim is correct. I have it on my rotisary for a complete restoration. Got it painted last month after getting the same thing done to our 65 Monza convt  in Feb. Mike Hall, his wife, and I went and picked up my YS108 67 Stinger from the body shop today after it's paint, and restoration. YS 101 is scheduled for restoration in Sept. And YS- 099 in Dec.  3 more cars to be completed in 2014. I'm wiping out my to do list.   Bob Dunahugh  Former Corsa Member 		 	   		  

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