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Back in the 60s one could get some gasoline from a hose without turning on
the pump. These were the standard pumps of the day, separate pump for each
grade of gasoline.

Have any of you tried to get gasoline out of the hose without turning on
the pump today? A few dribbles is all that comes out when I tried it. This
would be when I fill small lawnmower cans at ground level, so all the fuel
in the hose from where ever the next valve in line is to the nozzle would
be coming out.

What sucks the fuel out the hose I do not know.

Frank DuVal

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I'm guessing that it is somewhere between a pint and a quart.  Been
wondering the same thing for a few years now.  Hard to find a station with
a separate hose for each grade anymore.
Oh, the guy behind you gets the high price gas for the lower per gallon

Later, JR

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Hi All,

I was trying to find out how much regular gas is delivered from the
previous persons fill when you fill up with premium at a single hose pump?


Guy Brandes

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