<VV> Gasoline gasolene?

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Not to worry, the single hose pump will make it's way to your neighborhood too.  That and the "do you want to buy a car wash today" and the "please enter your zip code" when using a credit card.  All this before removing the pump handle and selecting a grade.  Once you are pumping gas, the volume on the advertising screen built into the pump is also PUMPED up.
Enjoy the simple life while you still are able.
Oh, when the handle is replaced you get to answer Y or N if you want a receipt.  When you answer Y and there is no paper in the printer - guess what?  Please see the cashier - who of course is inside the building - and the reason for using the credit card was to avoid going inside.  Don't get mad enough to kick the pump, you are on video!

Later, JR

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Hi All, 

Hmmm! All the gas stations I attend have three separate hoses.  One for each grade. 

Kent Harrington 

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