<VV> Gas price survery - not what you think

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Wed Jul 3 23:08:33 EDT 2013

A very informal survey, and I probably won't even keep track.
How many of you remember when the price of gasoline went above $1.00?
Do you also recall that many stations (most?) had to price the fuel by the 1/2 
gallon because their pumps could not show a price higher than 99.9 cents?
So, I guess that is really two questions.
My answer is Y and Y.
Final question....  What year was that?
My answer..  Don't know.

Later, JR


Fall of '79....  I owned a gas station...in SoCal

In Fall of '81  we had to have full gallon / litre pricing....     litre  didn't go over well... ggg

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon



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