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The Wiki says:
"The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline  first reached 
the $1.00 mark in the US in 1980. The average price  that year was $1.19 per 
Remember they are talking the average over $1.00  - I remember  
over-a-dollar pricing in death Valley and inside Yosemite way before that!
I do remember pump displays with the windows notched to the left to  
indicate more than 99.9 a gallon. Those must have been the first pumps to be  
Seth Emerson
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patiomatt at aol.com writes:

A very informal survey, and I probably won't even keep  track.

How many of you remember when the price of gasoline went above  $1.00?

Do you also recall that many stations (most?) had to price the  fuel by the 
gallon because their pumps could not show a price higher  than 99.9 cents?

So, I guess that is really two questions.

My  answer is Y and Y.

Final question....  What year was  that?

My answer..  Don't know.

Later,  JR


Fall  of '79....  I owned a gas station...in SoCal

In Fall of  '81  we had to have full gallon / litre pricing....      litre  
didn't go over well... ggg

Matt Nall
Charleston,  Oregon


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