<VV> Clutch Engagement Problem

Kevin Clark kevin@kcvairbrush.com kevin at kcvairbrush.com
Thu Jul 4 11:43:50 EDT 2013

Hi all, 
Recently I am experiencing a problem with shifting. 

Shifting in the van seems normal when cold but after it is fully warmed up, it feels like I am not fully engaging the clutch to shift smoothly. It is almost impossible to shift into reverse without grinding the gears. I noticed the van moves much sooner when I start to release the clutch pedal. There is a slight vibration when idling in neutral and it stops vibrating when I barely step on the clutch pedal. I do have bolted flywheel and there is no rattling noise at that stage. 

I checked all linkage and cable and it seems fine. I did tighten up a loose bolt in the back where I would think the problem is but I doubt it is enough to fix the problem. I wanted to test drive first before alerting the group but it will be awhile for the rain to stop. 

Do you think the throw out bearing is failing? Anybody had experienced this symptom? What might be going on?

Kevin G. Clark
kevin at kcvairbrush.com

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