<VV> Gasoline gasolene?

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 That was back in the days of tetraethyllead, long gone, thankfully! 

The problem with using a TEL concentrate is a little does a lot for octane, but a lot more doesn't get you much further up the octane curve. 

But hey, at least there's the lead fouling! 


John Roberts


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Indeed they did!  A rotating knob with a pointer on the side would select grades 
190 to 260 … BUT … next to that knob was a button that, when pushed, allowed you 
to turn past the 260 level to the octane concentrate only for a real kick :-)  
The ole 'D' gas Anglia (302 Chevy), while not a really consistent runner, always 
did run noticeably faster on the concentrate at the Detroit Dragway.

The 190 grade was Sunoco's 'sub-regular' level, 200 was regular and the numbers 
went up in increments of 10 to 260 which was their super octane.  Think they may 
have skipped 210 and 250.  Octane numbers were available  at the pump … in the 
method or rating at that time.

Ken P
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On Jul 4, 2013, at 9:58 PM, Charles Fregeau <n5hsr at sprynet.com> wrote:

> Didn't Sonoco have one of the first of these, where you could blend 2 grades
> to get 6 or 8 distinct price points?
> Charles Fregeau
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> The big push for the single hose pumps is they are typically "blender" 
> pumps.
> A blender pump just uses two tanks, one lowest octane, the other the highest
> octane. The pump then blends the two together if a mid grade is selected.
> Saves infrastructure, as only two tanks/system are needed instead of three.
> Or one could blend many different octanes to confuse the average motorist!
> See picture linked below.
> Frank DuVal
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