<VV> Times Change WAS Gas price survery - not what you think

Shelrockbored at aol.com Shelrockbored at aol.com
Fri Jul 5 15:30:16 EDT 2013

The cheapest I remember seeing was 0.299.  I remember it being cheaper  
than that but I was too young to understand.   Once in 1972 we were  coming 
down Broadway in Upper Manhattan and got gas for 0.579 and we thought  that was 
a rip off.  Seven years later I remember the cheapest I saw was  Amoco 
(American) regular at 0.589.
When a motel room cost $5.00 a night minimum wage was c. $1.50.  If  you 
were making $10,000 a year you were doing all right.  Most people  didn't top 
Times change but lates still look better than earlies.  That will  never 
Keep on Corvairing proving "expert" ambulance chasers wrong.

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