<VV> Cheap Gas.

ricebugg at comcast.net ricebugg at comcast.net
Fri Jul 5 17:37:54 EDT 2013

All:  Probably about US$0.18.9 in probably 1960, which is when I think I got a Cushman scooter and could fill up the 1.5 gallon tank for US$0.25 of Sunoco at the corner gas station.   And they use to have gas wars back then.  Now the gas prices go up and down in lock step.    

I remember my personel first introduction to inflantion in about 1965 was when a roll of pepermint Life Savers went from a nichol to seven cents.  They are US$0.95 now at another gas station.  Reminds me I need to get some more. 

Historically Yours,
				James Rice

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