<VV> LM trans into EM car

Clark Hartzel chartzel at comcast.net
Sat Jul 6 08:31:26 EDT 2013

John Roberts makes it sound too easy!  Yes you can use 4 bolts instead of 6.
As I remember the bolt that holds the bearing retainer on the transmission
interferes with the mounting surface on the diff.  You have to grind
clearance for it.  The transmission is about an inch and a half longer so
you have to cut a big notch in the crossmember to clear it.  The
transmission mount won't fit so you have to use a 1966-69 mount.  The
shifter will be too long so you have to shorten it.  I don't remember if it
will shorten enough by just loosening the retainer clamp or you have to cut
some off the long tube.  it can be done but plan on a weekend not a few
Clark Hartzel

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