<VV> LM trans into an early car

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> John Roberts says why not use the entire late model transaxle?  This won't
> work either as the distance from centerline of the left U-joint across to
> the centerline of right U-joint is longer on the late models.  You would
> have to make spacers to move the backing plates out farther on each side to
> accommodate the extra width.  Depending on what size tires you are running
> they might rub the fender lips.
> Clark Hartzel 
> Besides that, the late differentials don't have a speedometer drive on the pinion shaft, and have
no mounting point for the speedometer drive- I have one of these six bolt differentials, (a very nice 
one, that is for sale) that I cant use, because of that.
Kevin Nash 63 turbo, daily driver


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