<VV> 2013 Mitty Coverage

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Wed Jul 10 11:40:20 EDT 2013

Rick Norris & his Sunoco tribute Corvair was one of the Corvairs entered at last April's Rd Atlanta's vintage race.  Both the July Vintage Racecar and the July-August issue of Vintage Motorsport have pictures of the car.  Spence Shepard's Stinger clone can also be seen in a couple event photos.	  

The VM editor is a Corvair fan of sorts.  The photo caption says there aren't many Corvairs in vintage racing.  Of course, VM and the other two vintage racing magazines all failed to mention the 14 race preped Corvairs at last years Mitty.  

I think I owe VM's editor D. Randy Riggs an e-mail.

Historically Yours,
					James Rice 

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