<VV> Prime engine ?

rich dixon dixon5553 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 10 13:58:31 EDT 2013

Hi, I have a 110hp late model that has not been run in six years.  I do, however,  go turn it over by hand every 6 - weeks or so and have shot oil into each cylinder, but now I am ready to actually start it. The engine was NOT disassembled only the push rod tube seals replaces thus the the heads have not been off. 
My question is should I prime it (to build up oil pressure) via the oil pump or will simply turning it over via the starter be enough to get the oil pressure to the proper level without any stress on moving parts.  Do you simply stick a screw driver down the distributor hole and with drill turn the oil pump over for say a minute with the drill, is this the proper procedure?

Also is a 10W-30 grade oil with zinc a proper grade to use - I see Quakter State sells such a product now. 

Has always, thanks for your input. 

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