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Even though we have lived in South Carolina for 33 years, I grew up near Kalamazoo. As a result, we have made the trip from Greenville, South Carolina to Kalamazoo many times. We have also had relatives come here from there. Over time, we have found this to be the best route. I suggest anyone going to Kalamazoo from the south or southeast consider this route.

I was surprised to find that GoogleMaps takes you this way. Here is the route including some side comments:

1. 25 north from Greenville to I-26

2. I-26 to Asheville

3. I-40 west from Asheville

4. At Knoxville, take I-640 counter-clockwise around Knoxville

5. Get on I-75 and take it north

	I-75 goes through some beautiful country from the mountains with beautiful views to the horse farms of Kentucky

6. Go straight through Cincinnati on I-75, do not take the I-275 bypass unless you are aware of a traffic jam in Cincinnati

7. Go straight through Dayton on I-75

8. Get off I-75 just before Wapakoneta and go west on US-33 toward St Marys - should be exit 110

9. Stay on US-33 as it turns and goes northwest outside St Marys

10. Turn right onto US-127 and go north

	At this turn, there's a truck stop/gas station that also has a restaurant where you can get a good mom & pop-type meal

	As you go through Van Wert, you'll see several interesting old houses with a lot of charm

11. Just north of Van Wert, get onto US-30 heading northwest toward Fort Wayne

12. As you come into Fort Wayne, get onto I-469 and go counter-clockwise around Fort Wayne

13. North of Fort Wayne, get onto I-69 going north - should be exit 31A

	In a few miles you will pass Auburn, home of the wonderful Auburn Cord Duesenburg Automobile Museum - DON'T MISS SEEING THIS!

14. Take I-69 north into Michigan to I-94

15. Take I-94 west to Kalamazoo


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