<VV> [FC] Dehydrator?

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Fri Jul 12 20:05:00 EDT 2013

We have one in the refridgerator but Momma won't let me put car parts in

 Without even looking at the link I know what that is. When you want to
store an engine for any length of time you put these in the spark plug holes
and it is desiccant in a sort of spark plug shape. It removes the moisture
from withing the cylinder and intake system.


Ken Hand

Fellow Corvair Nuts,
I received an email from an aircraft company today referring to tools.
Naturally, I was curious so I started poking around the catalog. I came
across "Spark Plug Dehydrator" and could not for the life of me figure out
what that would be. After I read it I figured it would better be called an
"Engine Dehydrator". I also thought it might be something some of us could
use in our Corvairs. Other thoughts and comments appreciated. Here is a
Harry Smith
1963 Rampside
Coral Springs, FL

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