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Hi Grant,
I've cleaned a lot of carbs - top and bottom (inside and out).  I don't recall ever seeing a factory carb with a gold top and I never understood why yours are painted that way.  What am I missing?

Later, JR

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The bigger problem is their bronze or gold color for the tops. While the color is still okay (a little lighter than the old stuff), I have not been able to get it to spray more than 2-3 seconds without plugging. After much frustrating research, I have 
determined that it is a problem with the solids in the paint. It is not the nozzle that plugs, but the area in the can where the nozzle pushes it down to allow the paint to exit. When I have been lucky enough to get 5-10 seconds of spray by cleaning and re-cleaning, it starts coming out in particle form, leaving a rough, sandpaper-like finish. They do not a have a solution, other than a replacement with the same or a refund. I am now having to send all my carb tops out for re-plating with the dichromate finish, as I have not been able to find an acceptable substitute on the market. So, in short, I suggest you don't waste you time and money (the stuff is ridiculously expensive) with the Eastwoods carb paint.
The Carbmeister

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