<VV> Bad Paint not from China (Minimal Corvair Content)

RoboMan91324 at aol.com RoboMan91324 at aol.com
Mon Jul 15 05:29:53 EDT 2013

I don't have the numbers but I don't doubt you.  In fact,  I would be 
surprised if Ford's numbers weren't worse than Toyota's.   However, even without 
seeing the numbers, I would bet money  that Ford's quality is still far 
superior to what it would be without modern QC  systems.  Of course, its 
impossible to prove a hypothetical case.  I  hope you aren't suggesting that Ford 
or any other major manufacturer of any type  of product in the world does not 
employ a statistical QC system and enjoy  improved levels of quality for 
that reason.
I would offer up a possible reason or two for the  difference in Ford's and 
Toyota's frequency of repair numbers but I do not want  to unleash a 
firestorm on VV.  
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ronh at owt.com writes:

Ford may  have embraced Deming's QC system but the result sure doesn't show 
in Consumer  Report's frequency of repair records.  If in doubt, look at 
Ford's record  compared to that of Toyota.  It's a night and day  difference.

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