<VV> Why would anyone... WAS Bad paint product warning

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Mon Jul 15 23:40:14 EDT 2013

Ladies and gentlemen:  It's ANODIZING, not paint.

Rochester has been anodizing carbs and other aluminum castings for 
decades.   That gold tone is NOT paint or plating.  It's 
anodizing.  And YES the Rochester carbs on Corvairs had top covers 
anodized in a gold tone just like the gold tone on a whole lot of 
other Rochester carbs.   They ALL were anodized.

I thought everybody knew this...??

By the way... you wanna see a rowdy golden tone anodizing 
example?  Check out a '70s vintage Quadrajet or a '60s vintage 
4-Jet.  They look like they're cast in bronze.


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