<VV> 140hp Head Repair

Gary Berry duallycc at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 13:22:57 EDT 2013

Hey All;

   I think I asked this years ago, but now it's time to get this
engine going. I have a 140hp engine sitting on an engine stand in my
garage. These are the numbers and some info that I have found on the

140hp on stand
Head 3856728 65-69 140hp
Block T1217RB 65-66 164ci 140hp manual Corsa

   One head has dropped a valve and it rattled around a bit before I
stopped the engine (I have a picture). So the questions is, where can
I send both heads to have them redone? I live just outside of
Hooterville and there is no one around here that I can find that works
on aluminum anything . Thanks.

Gary Berry
Corvair Sandrails and Such...
Prosser, WA

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