<VV> [fastvair] Gingerman Photos / times

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Mon Jul 22 07:47:53 EDT 2013

Okay, here's the track times listed by who ran taken from my photo of the
hand written list hung in the Hospitality Room.




CC:  No.23, Michael LeVeque, 1:49.06, F.T.D. 

         No. 93, Warren LeVeque, 2:07.43

         No. 5, Paul Fox, 2:09.91        


CCV:  No.36, Rick Norris:  1:57.86  (second fastest time, Corvair powered,
third overall)

            No.35, Bob Storc:  1:59.86


SM1: No.65, Ryan Counterman, 2:03.69

          No.38, Steve Ridderman, 2:04.09

          No.381, Doug Lekta, 2:09.20

          No.651, Dan Konkle, 2:09.21  

          No.24, Seth Emerson, 2:12.49

          No.7, Spence Duffy, 2:27.21


SM2:  No. 13, David Button, 1:57.49 (second fastest time overall) 


SM3:  No.60, Rich Arneson, 1:58.84

           No.14, Kevin Wilson, 1:59.71

           No.68, Scott Seversin, 2:01.36

           No.69, Bob Donahue, 2:24.13 


IS1:   No.2, Tom Hughes, 2:20.74

         No.6, Teresa Miller, 2:34.54  


IS2:   No.5, Chris Wiley, 2:19.20


IS3:   No.16, Mark Aksmit, 2:04.67

         No.58, Roger Ringstetter, 2:12.05

         No.61, Ryan MacLeod, 2:14.78

         No.501, Stewart MacLeod, 2:19.61

         No.8, John Gray, 2:34.87


IS5:  John Miller, 2:19.89

        Art Barmeister, 2:25.26



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