<VV> ATTN: Clark's Fuel Injection Owners (TBI) and Brown Injection System owners.

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Mon Jul 22 23:48:58 EDT 2013

We have updated the current running chip to version 3B and will ship your the new chip for $12.00 including shipping.  You must provide your Serial Number and chip ID number.  You can send your Memcal to us and we will replace the chip for you.  To replace the chip, we prepared the poorly thought out and entertaining video on youtube.com  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKPKhKv3syQ
If you bought our kit within the last 6 months, the chip will be provided at no cost.

This chip has the following updates/added features:
Better Idle - [b]Main feature[/b]
Constant 14.7 to 1 (BLMs will report properly)
WBO2 Intergration (report only in Tunerpro)
Quicker Closed Loop and not as rich at idle. 
Can use Heated or non-heated O2 Sensor (Sensor location must be close to exhaust log)

Idle must be rich due to large throttle bodies and reversion present in Corvair design.  This chip will also Idle a 270 cam in most instances.

Please email me ted at browndata.com or call me at 864-940-0653

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