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Matt and All:  As someone who over the years who has had some heavy involvement in CPF and Corvair history, I'm not sure most of us really understand what CPF is.  

There is a functional difference between being a "care taker" and collecting the history.  Collecting vs Perserving.  Collecting is hard work, requiring lots and lots of many hours.  Perserving is putting what's been collected in a safe location.  Safe being a relative and changable condition.  Perserving requires little time.  Kinda like collecting dust.  Once stored, it is just there. 

Some of what we have discussed collecting happen well before CPF came into being.  Going backwards to collect now what wasn't collected then requires...lots and lots of many hours.  It is much harder collecting today than doing it back then when it was fresh and we were young.  

Lon Wall was, as he usually is, so very correct.  It requres people to collect history. And people to perserve it. 
So, Matt, you live in the Pacific NW.  Are you up to being the point man to find Dave Kent and then get a copy of his tape?  

If not you, who?  If not now, when?

Historically Yours

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"I thought the CPF is the caretaker for all of this?	  

Matt Nall  Charleston, Oregon  

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