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All:  The ownership of the building in Richmond changed as part of a ugly divorce.  That's probably all you need to know.

I came on the CORSA/CPF BoD in 1999 shortly after the closing happened.  DoDo hit the fanfan. That's probably all you need to know. 

I was CPF Liaison for my entire 3 years on the combined BoDs.  I was one of three people, CPF President Bill Pearson and Harry being the other being the other two, who went to Yipsi in Oct (IIRC) of 2001 and discussed the "move" of some of CPF's stuff there.  We had a long discussion via e-mails within the BoDs about the location.  It was well thrashed out discussion. Amazing, most of us remained civil and still spoke to one another when it was over.  

Not that anything like this is ever "over."  That is probably all you need to know.  

As I remember it, we decided on Yipsi because:
	1. Location associated with Corvair production
	2. It has a BoD of community members, including the Mayor of Yipsi
	3. It is SE Michigan.  The State of Michigan has a Automotive Heritage Association (name may not be correct.  It has been awhile), which involves all the auto museum in SE Michigan and other automotive historical sites.  Like homes and cemeteries...!
	4. It is staffed my community members and has good hours. 
	5. They wanted us.
	6. Price was right: free
	7. It is easy to get to, with many other non-automotive tourist sites with in easy drive

Yipsi wasn't the only site we reviewed between 1999 and decision to add our stuff to the Yipsi location.  I was off the BoDs as the decision was implemented, which also involved a changes to CPF Staff Committee.  Good hard working people in SE Michigan replaced good hard working people in Virginia.  We owe then.   

There is a building next door to the Yipsi museum which would be ideal for a dedicated Corvair Museum associated with the current museum.  All it takes is time and lot and lots of money.  If any of you have the money, a group of somebodies will find the time.  Oh!! Wait!!  We are Corvair people!  We don't have any money.  Thus is the problem.  Sadly

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And of course that is exactly what happened with the CPF museum in Richmond, VA. Owner of building changed and we were out in the cold.  At least that is the simple explanation of what happened.	I am grateful for the time we did have to display Corvairs in the museum in Richmond. No sour grapes to the building owner that let us have the  museum there for several years. Life just changes and things happen that were not intended.	Frank DuVal  Fredericksburg VA	 

Mikes comments below are valid.  But most of CPF's inventory, last I knew, is stored in the various homes of CPF friendly CORSA members in SE Michigan.  

Because of nature of the organization in Yipsi, this isn't likely tthe will fold.  But I have been wrong before.  VBG!!!   

On 7/26/2013 10:37 AM, Mike Stillwell wrote:   My other hobby is involved with Railroad Preservation. One of the most avoidable "tragedies" is when a museum without a home they own, aqcuires numerous pieces of real equipment, then loses said home when the benefactor that loaned or leased the land/right of way decides they no longer want to play host. Situation looks similar here.  
  Mike	 YS-117  

All:  I went to the CHoFM several years ago.  It is located in Decatur IL, about 60 miles SE of me.  It is in a former grocrey store, with cars lined up mostly door handle to door handle.  There was miniumum space available for posters or display cases etc.   

Decatur is out in corn fields, and is a good place to be from.  I am not aware of any other reason to go there.  

I have not investigated the ownership etc of it.  But it is my understanding it is owned by a rich person who is/was involved in vintage racing.  He has one of the five Corvette Grand Sports from '63/64 and one of the original Scarab sportsracing cars from 57/58. There is probably 15 million US dolars in those two cars alone.  I believe some of the cars in the CHoFM are on loan from other local Chevy enthusiasts.  Warren had the Thomas/Roe EM racecar and Bob D. had his Goodyear Stinger on loan there when I was there.  I think both are now gone to their homes.  

Please see above comments about Yipsi as a cross referance.

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Has anyone been to this place?  Heard about it through a friend who lives nearby.Could it be a viable place to re-locate CPF,if need be?  Ypsilanti is good,been there once,but quite small and kind of off the beaten track.
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Yes, Allen, there was a BoD meeting for both CORSA & CPF.  We ususlly "hear about it" in the Communique issue after the Convention issue.  Just be patient.

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To: "virtualvairs at corvair.org"   Was there a board meeting at the convention.  Did not hear anything about it?	
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