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Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Sun Jul 28 19:35:57 EDT 2013

Hi folks,

Since the subject has come up, here's my take on CORSA membership:

We play with several cars besides the Corvairs.  So far in my experience, the resources available for the Corvair are the best by far.  More info, more repro parts, more events.  The big difference between those other cars and the Corvair?  CORSA.  So my bet is that having a strong national club, by its very existence, helps me out.  I'll be a CORSA member as long as I have one (or more :-)

Having said that, people who are willing to do a little more than send in a check and get the magazine are what really helps.  Not subscribers, members.  That's the difference between a club and a magazine subscription.


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