<VV> Last Corvair 5999

Clark Hartzel chartzel at comcast.net
Mon Jul 29 08:43:29 EDT 2013

Contrary to popular opinion, 5999 has never been in the Ypsilanti Museum.
Curator Jack Miller already had a blue 1969 Corvair coupe in the museum and
he didn't want another one.  It is currently in the Chevy Hall of Fame
Museum in Decatur, Ill.  It spent a year in the Coralville, Iowa Museum of
Transportation while the CORSA convention was in Cedar Rapids.  It is truly
a car without a home!
Any rich person out there want to donate a million dollars so CPF can build
a permanent museum?
The Ypsilanti museum has the CPF Super Monza, the last 1969 Corvair body
shell and a cutaway powertrain display along with some other smaller CPF
artifacts.  There are several other Corvairs there donated by private
Former CPF Curator Clark Hartzel

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