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I would think a loose incoming fitting would limit suction at all times
from the tank. Therefore high speed would be where the biggest effect
should be.

True vaporlock is cured by cooling the parts that have gasoline in a vapor
(gas) state to condense it back to a liquid state so the pump will pump

Will cooling a loose fitting seal it up?

I have had the rubber hose on the suction side of the pump, like over the
LR wheel on a Corvair, or from the gas tank on a Ford truck, develop a
crack that seals most of the time, but sucks air occasionally and drives
you nuts for a while. Not quite the same symptons as vaporlock after a 10
minute sit, but similar. It will not be cured by cooling the fuel pump or
metal line.

Frank DuVal

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Guys - How do these cases of "vaporlock" differ from a loose incoming 
gasline fitting?

Lon Wall

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