<VV> FW: hydraulic clutch conversion progress!

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 29 22:36:38 EDT 2013

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Hey allThis has been my summer task- originally I thought I could do this hydraulic clutch conversion in a couple of weeks....my car has been down since the end of April working on this,  the mount fabrication has taken up most of the time, quite a bit longer than planned .  I have a few more coats of POR-15 to apply, re-seal the body seams, make the toe-clamps for the
side attaching bolts for the clutch master, finish working on the pinch weld cut-out and seal it all up and hook the lines up.
A couple of things I'm curious about- the "pinch weld" cut out seam- is there any reason to have this welded closed? it did
seem to be pinched together and sealed with body sealer putty, and not actually welded. The other thing, the only drain on
the clutch side of that seam appears to be plugged, and looks like it is mostly a great place to collect water and dirt then plug.
I've heard of people putting additional drain holes to deal with this common rust area- I don't recall exactly what they did
Kevin Nash 63 Turbo, Daily driver 

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