<VV> How about the cooling fans from these engines?

BobHelt at aol.com BobHelt at aol.com
Tue Jul 30 10:52:37 EDT 2013

I meant that increasing the air pressure just isn't effective  in trying to 
force more air past the current openings in the engine since the  blockage 
to the flow results in a diminishing return for a pressure  increase.
Bob Helt
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On  7/29/2013 8:44 PM, BobHelt at aol.com wrote:
> Oh come on now!!  That  isn't a fan problem. That's a  problem with the
> heads and cooling  surfaces. A fan capable of developing greater  cfm 
> greater  pressure just isn't going to force that much more air thru  the  
> and/or rest of the engine.
> Regards,
> Bob  Helt

you mean that a greater pressure differential  won't flow more air?
Or that more airflow wouldn't increase heat  transfer?

Jay  Maechtlen

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