<VV> prepping old Koni's for use

hallgrenn at aol.com hallgrenn at aol.com
Sat Jun 1 22:45:35 EDT 2013


After you lube the rear shock shafts (3in1 oil is fine) you can stuff some Scotchbrite pads (better used pieces than new) down around the shaft on the rears and then use a metal prod (screwdriver etc.) to twist the pads around inside the shell on the rears to clean it.  I'd emphasize what Seth said about going full soft then full stiff--you'll be able to feel the clicks or detents as you adjust the shocks.  You'll probably be lucky and find they work fine if you carefully clean and adjust them.


 I would do this at full soft and then at full stiff, just to make 
sure  everything inside the shock is still loose. It is harder to get up 
inside for  the rears, but probably worth shooting some lube up onto the shafts 
before  cycling them.


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