<VV> 140 governor (AD)

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Subject:<VV> 140 governor
From:Michael Kovacs <kovacsmj at yahoo.com>
Date:6/3/2013 1:43 PM
To:VV <virtualvairs at corvair.org>

Does any body have a "for sure" 140 Governor? How come there is no part 
number on it. I was informed that they had a orange paint  mark them.?? 
I don't know if my 140 PG has the correct governor.


Your definitive answer is shown in the photo below.  It's a purple mark 
on both the housing and the plastic gear.  It was certainly a low 
production item.  The factory box has the non 140HP p/n blacked out and 
the 140 p/n stamped below it.

It's a NOS part I bought new many years ago.  I'm open to offers.  Reply 
off list.

John Dozsa
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