<VV> increasing rear (LM) ride height (air bags?)

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I agree with lowering the front, etc. I have experience using HD coils cut one coil on the front. I like it but would caution anyone that it does result in a firm front end. This can be alleviated a bit with a little lower tire pressure in the front. 

I prefer to lower both the front and rear. I did it this way: HD coils on front, all four cut one coil. Others may prefer to just cut stock coils on the front and leave the rears alone. Others may prefer to use just smaller tires on the front. Lots of ways to do it. 

There are more radical ways, such as changing the front spindle, etc. 

I agree that it seems like photos of '65 Corvairs, as well as stock '65's, were high in the front. I do not see this on '66, '67, '68, or '69s.

On May 2, 2013, at 4:33 PM, Bryan Blackwell <bryan at skiblack.com> wrote:

> Hi Ray,
> A few quick points and a plug :-)
> - I agree that the late Corvair came stock with the rear lower than the front.  I have an original ad that shows that stance too.  I guess the idea was to have a "leaping forward" look.
> - I think you have it backwards, you don't want to raise the rear, it's generally accepted to fix this by lowering the front.  HD springs cut one coil are the usual prescription.
> - If you want the car lower still for autocross (a good idea), my best suggestion is another set of shorter tires.  I know, budget, but keep in mind tires aimed at autocross will hold up better.  There are several very good extreme summer tires out there.
> Finally, suspension set up is the tech session topic at the Virginia Vair Fair this coming weekend, at 10 Saturday morning.  Come on down!
> http://www.vairfair.com/
> --Bryan
> On Apr 30, 2013, at 11:53 PM, Ramon Rodriguez III wrote:
>> I like to give my cars an aggressive stance (some of you have seen my car).
>> This requires the rear sit higher than the front.  It seems Corvairs sat
>> lower in the rear than the front when new, and fourty plus years of having
>> the heavier end of the car sitting on the rear springs didn't help.


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