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Before the digital age, actually before electronic analog circuitry, many 
devices were "powered" by springs. There were timing devices, initiators, 
sensors, etc. There were specialists who could wind springs of various 
grades/alloy of metals for specified lengths, diameter, strengths, etc. The 
expert shops could produce coil or flat springs and variations of both. 
These shops and of course, larger mfg.'s disappeared in the early 70's. Now, 
there are very few companies who still custom wind or even produce small 
precision springs. Probably companies in India, China, other emerging mfg 
nations,  might be the place who can still do such work.

Chuck S
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> In our racing days we had springs wound to our specifications as a regular 
> practice.  Today because most of Detroit has been redued to ashes,, I am 
> not sure I could get it done today.  ...>
> Ken P

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