<VV> carbon monoxide in heat (was Ralphie)

Ramon Rodriguez III corvairgrymm at gmail.com
Tue May 14 15:46:29 EDT 2013

I hate to admit this, but I will anyway.  About twelve years ago when I was
~35%  younger and a lot dumber I slept every Saturday for an entire Winter
in my neglected beat up 66 Monza coupe with the engine running while the
car was parked..  I didn't have a CO detector and I never woke up with as
much as a mild headache.  The heat was smelly in that car but didn't fill
the car with heavy smoke, that was long before I knew anything about

It was either do this, freeze to death in the car, or pay for a hotel room
I couldn't afford once a week.  I would do the same today with a beater car
if I had to but I'd make darn sure I had a CO alarm!!

Ray R.

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