<VV> '67 Door Hinge/VIN Question

Bruce Schug bwschug at att.net
Thu May 23 18:55:29 EDT 2013

I have a '67 coupe body, VIN 105377W116096. This is clearly the VIN for a '67. However, this body has the '65-'55-style door hinges and bolts. I have no reason to believe the VIN plate or the doors have been changed, but it is be possible. Is it possible that this '67 was built with the earlier door hinges or has someone changed  either the VIN plate or the hinge?

Finally, exactly where is the hidden VIN? I understand it is somewhere around the right side front wheel well. I've seen pictures of where it is; does anyone have a picture that could email it to me?



Bruce W. Schug
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