<VV> '67 Door Hinge/VIN Question

Mike Stillwell yenko117 at yahoo.com
Thu May 23 19:16:01 EDT 2013

 I scrapped a '67 W109XXX and it had the '67 style hinges. I've owned 4 '67's and including my current 120XXX, they have all had the same style of hinge. For a while I hunted for an unconverted '67 COPO Monza and looked at every '67 Monza I could locate, including all at the Corvair Ranch. I never remember seeing a '65-6 style hinge pillar.


--- On Thu, 5/23/13, Bruce Schug <bwschug at att.net> wrote:

> From: Bruce Schug <bwschug at att.net>PM
> I have a '67 coupe body, VIN
> 105377W116096. This is clearly the VIN for a '67. However,
> this body has the '65-'55-style door hinges and bolts. I
> have no reason to believe the VIN plate or the doors have
> been changed, but it is be possible. Is it possible that
> this '67 was built with the earlier door hinges or has
> someone changed  either the VIN plate or the hinge?

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