<VV> Paint Verses Upholstery

J. R. Read hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 6 19:46:11 EST 2013

I currently have the interior out of the '65vert.  The interior metal (but 
not exterior) has been repainted.  Half of the fuzzies (interior side only) 
have been replaced after the paint job.

Next step is to clean and transfer over the metal trim from the old door 
panels to the new ones and get a few pieces from Cal - like glove box 
cardboard and a few rubber items where the door is supposed to seal against 
the A pillar.  CA car - rubber turned to powder in Sacramento.

Later, JR

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>I have to agree with Mark, if you want a complete, professional looking
> paint job you need to paint the interior exposed metal at the same time as
> the body.
> Only my opinion, your mileage may vary.
> Harry Smith
> 1963 Rampside (now without drivetrain)
> Coral Springs, FL
> On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 6:07 PM, Mark Durham <62vair at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Ron, if you go find some good you tube video's on painting, there are
>> ways you can do it either way.
>> In my case, I have done the interior however Corvairs have lots of bare
>> metal inside to consider. I plan to remove all the interior panels,
>> seats and carpet then remove all trim pieces to paint, then mask off
>> the inst panel and padded dash and complete headliner so I can do the
>> interior metal and door jambs for a complete job.
>> Mark Durham Hauser Idaho
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>>  Are there any significant factors to consider when deciding which to 
>> have
>> done first, a repaint without any major body work or reupholstering?  Off
>> hand, I'm assuming that the paint first would usually be the best choice 
>> to
>> prevent any over spray from blemishing the upholstery.
>> Is there anything I'm missing?
>> RonH - working on a '61 Lakewood
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