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Fri Nov 15 11:49:33 EST 2013

Ostern in Fort Myers should be beautiful.? Be sure to visit Sanibel Island and the Edison House.? The seafood is very good--almost as good as here around the Chesapeake Bay.? Don't forget to buy (and use) sunblock to protect you skin--it's less costly here too.? The latitude for Fort Myers is the same as the middle parts of Africa.? And don't go for evening strolls along the water alone--those alligators can move fast:)? The sand is like powdered sugar and, if you like collecting seashells, you'll probably become addicted--just like with Corvairs.
Alles Gute,
Bob Hall

OMG - sorry, I meant Easter 2014 - but I am sure you did understand what I was  
talking/writing about - and please apologize my bad english I am working on  
getting better with it. 
Take care 

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