<VV> Early Odometer

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Mon Nov 18 14:11:39 EST 2013

From: ERIC HICKS <copter at shaw.ca>
Subject: <VV> Rebuilding & Resetting Early model Odometer Assy.

Hi everyone,   I would like to rebuild, and reset an odometer for my 
restored '61 Monza.  I have a unit out of a '64 that I plan to use.   Any 
tech references, or advise would be greatly appreciated please.     Cheers 
Eric Hicks, Vancouver B.C.
Smitty Says;  Eric if you can bring yourself to use the unit "as is" and 
just give it a clean up and a lube job, I would strongly recommend that. 
Any time you go into a speedo and start swapping parts you run a very real 
risk of needing to take/send it to a shop to be recalibrated.
Second ( and just about as important) the numbers on the wheels were applied 
with no primer at all.  The paint is just laying there.  It is so fragile 
you can probably blow them off with your mouth.  The slightest touch and you 
will flake the paint.  Sure, you can re-index the numbers if you are 
careful, but is it worth it?  Nobody is going to believe anything a Corvair 
odometer says anyway.

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