<VV> Corvair art by Ben Schack

Ramon Rodriguez III corvairgrymm at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 23:15:11 EST 2013

Hi guys I wanted to share this drawing one of my best friends, Ben Schack
(a recently hooked 28 year old Corvair nut), did on a commission for a
fellow Corvair enthusiast.

Ben is a very busy guy (He is the GM of a large hotel), so these things
take a lot of time for him to complete but he would love to do more of this
type of thing so if anyone is interested send me a message off list.



If the image doesn't come through you can click that link to view the image
(it's safe I promise)

Rat Fink was a special request and Ben wasn't sure how it would come out
but we are happy with the results =)

Ray Rodriguez III on behalf of Ben Schack
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