<VV> Disk Brake for LM

Cali Info info at california-camping.de
Wed Nov 20 17:52:03 EST 2013

Hi folks,

what would you suggest to buy if you want to do a front disk brake conversion on a LM Coupe?
I am not sure what to buy because there are so many thoughts and offers out there.
Price range is between 545 and 1,150 USD - I am a little bit confused and would be happy to here what you think about it or what you can recommend.

Thanks for your help, I hope to get better to give you everything back in future what you gave me - at least... since I do promote the Corvair in Germany we went up from 20 to around 30 owners in Germany - and remember - stop by if you visit the Old World - I am close to Munich and that is worth visiting :-)

Ulli the Ba-Vair-ian

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