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Great vintage TV!, Matt!
I took Driver's Ed at a public high school during the summer of 1965, between my sophomore and junior years at a Catholic high school, no Driver's Ed there.  Three parts:  classroom for two or three weeks (seems it was three days a week, just an hour; then "simulators" for a week, or so; followed by actual behind-the-wheel (three students rotated, plus the instructor), in a '65 Belair sedan; I had never driven a car before, at all, not even at "Grandpa's farm," etc., the other two kids had some experience, I wound up doing OK.  That '65 Belair had a passenger side brake for the instructor, but I sure do not remember it having a right side steering wheel like on the "Bewitched" Impala coupe, nor do I recall ever seeing such a set-up since.
I turned 16 during that summer, took my road test on Dad's '63 Pontiac Catalina sedan at 16 + three days, and passed.  My Dad loved it, as my Mother did not drive.  Got my first car, a '65 Corsa turbo coupe the following summer (supposedly the first Corsa sold in metro Milwaukee, in September/October of 1964); it had 22K miles (prior owner had removed the turn signal arm and installed toggle switches under the dash -- total of three, one to negate the brake light on the turning side, the other two for Left or Right turns, I loved that set-up, my Dad did not), had it five years, including when I was in Army, when it virtually never moved.  Sold (gave it away) for $400 in October of 1971, had around 75K miles, against a demo Opel GT, remember those?
Ed, Milwaukee, '66 Monza sedan, 110-glide
<VV> Count the Corvairs!!!
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