<VV> Disk Brake for LM/Now Disc vs Drum

Shelrockbored at aol.com Shelrockbored at aol.com
Sun Nov 24 10:18:11 EST 2013

Where is this?  Just direct me from either Interstates 68, 70, or  81.  
Western Md is only about 4 hours away.
I am compiling a list of places to go with my Corsa when I get it running  
(got a new job so I can afford to now).  Living on Long Island whenever I  
want to test drive a car I drive it to Binhamton NY then Scranton, Pa then  
home.  I 87 to future I-86 to I-81 then I-380 and I-80.  Sometimes I  take a 
shortcut on I-84.  Getting across the New York metropolitan area is  test 
drive enough for any car.
Steve Sassi
Long Island Corvair
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hallgrenn at aol.com writes:

(For  those of you in Western Maryland a trip down Harp Hill Road without 
fade is as  good a test for brakes as  any).

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