<VV> Beautiful Restored '64 vert...parting out Fla!

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On the Craig's List it said:

'NO its not rebuild-able short of finding a good body to transfer every thing over too.'

I say sure it is … Back in the day when most people though more about repairing than replacing, cars with this kind of damage were repaired on a regular basis.  I once repainted a nearly new Studebaker Lark roll-over that had been salvaged.  The floor pan and the right quarter panel was all that was left of the original body.  In the early 70s I purchased a super clean 64 Corvair 2 door sedan that had taken the same hit ,,, Just a little farther forward … so I replaced part of the front quarter panel, the 'A' pillar, the door, part of the 'B' pillar and part of the rear quarter panel and had the rocker panel straightened.  I did this work in my home garage. 

The first thing to do is remove the door and most of the quarter panel along with the inner panels.  It is surprising how quickly one forgets how bad they looked!  A little time on a frame rack and some hydraulic straightening then all that is left to do is fill up the hole with new parts.   

Ken P
Wyandotte, MI
65 Monza 110hp 4 speed 2 door
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> Yes that ones mine to deal with if anyone needs anything 
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