<VV> type 53 battery for earlies

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I keep a (well cleaned out) liquid soap bottle - like for dish soap with a 
pop up top - on hand with distilled water in it as a "battery baster".  I 
probably buy a gallon of distilled water to refill the soap bottle about 
once every 15 years or so.  The last time was this summer and it was just 
over a buck a bottle.  That time, I needed to cut the antifreeze for one of 
the water pumpers.

Later, JR

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> Though I've gone to the 51 batteries I used to buy the 53s from a local 
> battery dealer who said he kept them in stock because of the demand from 
> owners of older forklifts that used them.  Mine were Deka as well, gave 
> good service and I got to use my battery "baster" to add water as 
> necessary.  Probably couldn't find it now if my life depended on it.
> Bob

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