<VV> "Lifetime" Award?

Gary Moore tdrinkr at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 5 11:48:46 EDT 2013

HACOA Presents a "Lifetime Achievement Award" to Terry Kalp:

"At the Saturday night awards banquet, Terry Kalp was honored with a  
special award in recognition of the time and effort he puts into the Corvair  
hobby. MCCA president Doug Horstman asked for anyone who had received help from 
Terry over the years to stand, two-thirds of the crowd stood."

Watch out, Terry, they're picking out your burial plot! <grin>

Just kidding, Terry! - Good going and Congrats!!  - Seth  Emerson

Seth HACOA did not present the award to Terry, it was MCCA.  Most of the HACOA, GCCG, INCA , ACC and ICE members at the Awards Banquet stood when asked by Doug. 
Gary Moore
Editor of HACOA VairCor

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